Frequently Asked Questions


Does bean bag hire include delivery or travel fee?

No, delivery/pick fee varies from region to region and start at $30 to $220 depending on size of order and distance.

Can we get a discount on bulk order?

Yes, we can look at a special discount for large bulk orders for our new and existing customers.

Can we pick up and drop off ourselves?

No, for health and safety purposes we only deliver and pick up ourselves.

Are your beans eco friendlly?

No, however we have no intentions of throwing our beans and bean bag covers away, our bean bags have a service life span of 5 years. Our pre loved bean bags will be sold to forever homes, the beans and bean bags can last up to 7 years or more if well maintained, then you would need to just top your bean bag up.

Can I hire the Miharo Chill Zone without the Gazebo's?

No, these are preset packages that can not be changed.


Can we get a refund if Covid levels change?

Yes, we understand that events will be cancelled due to Covid, at this point in time if you have pre paid for your order and alert levels rise, and we are unble to deliver we will refund you in full or otherwise we will hold a credit note in your name.

Can I get a refund I have been in contact with someone who tested posivtive for Covid?

You must provide us with some level of proof ie, Dr's cert or Covid test confirmation, No refund will be given without confirmation. Please also notify us immediately by phone or email to arrange a cancellation, refund or credit.